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Here is the list of courses we offer training currently. Please contact by phone (1) 248-778-6714, (1) 248-778-6715 or email "" for more information like dates and pricing. 

S/4HANA Production Planning (With Fiori Apps) Starting on 3/29/2020

S/4HANA Production Planning Overview

Master Data for SAP S/4HANA Production Planning

Bill of Material Structure

Manage BOM Validity

Multiple BOMs/Variant BOMs

Multilevel BOM Reporting

Mass Changes to BOMs

Work Centers/Routings


Demand Management in SAP S/4HANA with Planning Strategies

Planning Strategies for Make to Stock Production

Planning Strategies for Make to Order Production

Describe SAP Fiori and System Landscape

Order Processing and Order Structure

Production Order Creation

Availability Checks, Order Release and Printing

Order Execution

Order Settlement and Deletion

Information Systems and Mass Processing

S/4HANA Sourcing and procurement(With Fiori Apps) Starting on 4/5/2020

Enterprise structure and organizational units relevant for Procurement Processes

Master data: material master, supplier master (business partner), purchasing info record

Procurement of stock material

Procurement of consumable material

Purchasing and Special Info Records

Central Contracts and Scheduling Agreements

Source Determination with Source Lists

Blocking Sources of Supply

Deploying Subcontracting

Additional Special Procurement Processes

Consumption Based Planning

Inventory Management

Logistics Invoice Verification

sap extended warehouse management starting on 3/8/2020

Warehousing Structures and Master Data

Delivery Processing

Goods Receipt 

Goods Issue

Putaway and Stock Removal Strategies

Warehouse Task

Warehouse Order Creation

Handling Unit

Physical Inventory


Advanced Production Integration

Value Added Services

SAP Best Practices

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business processes in qm with s/4hana (On demand)

Overview of QM in Logistics Supply Chain

Quality Management in Procurement

Quality Management in Production

Quality Planning

Quality Inspection

Quality Certificates

Quality Notifications

Quality Control 

Basic Data for manufacturing and product management (With Fiori Apps) - on demand

Using Organizational Elements and Master Data in Production 

Creating Plant and Storage Location 

Structure of Material Master Record

Managing Material Master

Managing Bills of Material

Advanced Bill of Material Functions

Creating Multiple BOMs

Creating Variant BOMs

Describing Phantom Assemblies

Work Centers

Reference Operation Sets


Advanced Routing Functions

Alternative Manufacturing Processes

Allowing for Scrap in Routing 

Trigger Points

Production Resources and Tools

Engineering Workbench 

PLM Web User Interface